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Advocacy Information Packet

Advocacy Information Packet


This Advocacy Information Packet is a collection of articles, booklets and handouts covering a range of topics about advocacy with emphasis on work with survivors of intimate partner violence. These materials offer information that is critical to clarifying and strengthening the role of advocates and their work to end violence against women and other survivors. The goal is to create a basic understanding about the role of advocates, the nature of advocacy and some key issues integral to effective advocacy. These materials can be helpful for new advocate orientation, in-services, cross-trainings and public education events.

Some topics such as legal advocacy, sex trafficking, children’s issues and policy work are important aspects of advocacy that are not included in this particular packet to avoid creating an overwhelming book versus a fairly comprehensive starting place. Please see the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center’s Resource Library, which offers a range of articles, booklets and other advocacy materials, including special collections and webinars with toolkits, on additional topics. If you have questions, suggestions, or possible additions to this Advocacy Information Packet or the Resource Library, please contact us through our Contact Us page.

We hope you find the materials in this packet and all of our other resources helpful in your advocacy to end violence against Native women and all of our relatives. Together we can create the change needed to reclaim our traditional life ways based upon spirituality, compassion, equity and respect.

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NIWRC’s Advocacy Curriculum is also available for use by tribal and Native domestic violence programs to provide basic training for new advocates. Sections of the Advocacy Curriculum can be adapted for use in other educational initiatives facilitated within your local community. Learn more about the Advocacy Curriculum here.

(Note: This resource is subject to change.)