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The National Indigenous Women's Resource Center, Inc. (NIWRC) is a Native nonprofit organization that was created specifically to serve as the National Indian Resource Center (NIRC) Addressing Domestic Violence and Safety for Indian Women. Under this grant project and in compliance with statutory requirements, the NIWRC will seek to enhance the capacity of American Indian and Alaska Native (Native) tribes, Native Hawaiians, and Tribal and Native Hawaiian organizations to respond to domestic violence.

The NIWRC, through its Board of Directors and staff, have the demonstrated and unique expertise to serve as the next National Indian Resource Center. Our Board consists of Native women from throughout the United States with extensive experience and commitment to providing technical assistance/training and resource information regarding violence committed against Native women and their children. This leadership will ensure that our work supports and upholds grassroots advocacy and policy development work to address these crimes. Further, the NIWRC's staff brings decades of expertise, regarding violence against Native women, each of us having worked in various capacities to build a strong grassroots movement to increase the response within tribes to domestic violence and safety for Indian.

The NIWRC is dedicated to reclaiming the sovereignty of Native nations and safeguarding Native women and their children. Through public awareness and resource development, training and technical assistance, policy development, and research activities, we will provide leadership across the Nation to show that offenders can and will be held accountable and that Native women and their children are entitled to: 1) safety from violence within their homes and in their community; 2) justice both on and off tribal lands; and 3) access to services designed by and for Native women based on their tribal beliefs and practices.

Our mission: The Mission of NIWRC is to support culturally grounded, grassroots advocacy and to provide national leadership to ending gender-based violence in Indigenous communities through the development of educational materials and programs, direct technical assistance, and the development of local and national policy that builds the capacity of Indigenous communities and strengthens the exercise of tribal sovereignty.

Key principles to ending gender-based violence are:

  • To support grassroots efforts
  • Provide national leadership
  • Develop educational and programmatic materials
  • Provide direct technical assistance
  • Build capacity of Indigenous communities
  • Support tribal sovereignty

Vision: NIWRC’s vision is to restore the safety of Native women by upholding the inherent sovereignty of Native nations and building the capacity of Indigenous communities.