The Not Invisible Act Commission

  About the Not Invisible Act Commission

The Not Invisible Act, which was authored by then-Rep. Haaland and passed into law in October 2020, established the Commission as a cross-jurisdictional advisory committee composed of both federal and non-federal members, including law enforcement, Tribal leaders, federal partners, service providers, family members of missing and murdered individuals, and survivors. Secretary Haaland and Deputy Attorney General Monaco announced the members of the Commission last year as part of a live event to recognize National MMIP Awareness Day on May 5.

The Commission has developed recommendations through the work of six subcommittees focused on improving intergovernmental coordination and establishing best practices for state, Tribal, and federal law enforcement to bolster resources for survivors and victims' families and combatting the crises of missing persons, murder, and trafficking of American Indian and Alaska Native peoples, as specified under the law. Please see a list of the recommendations below. 


  List of Recommendations

The official list of recommendations was released on November 1, 2023. Please see the downloadable .PDF below or click here

Download the "Not One More: the Not Invisible Act Commission" Final Report.


DOI and DOJ Response

The Departments of the Interior and Justice released their response to the Not Invisible Act Commission's recommendations on March 5, 2024. Please see the downloadable PDF below or click here.

Download the "Section 4(c)(2)(C) Response of the Departments of Justice and the Interior to Not One More: Findings and Recommendations of the Not Invisible Act Commission" .


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