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Tribal Coalitions

Hopi-Tewa Women’s Coalition to End Abuse

Hopi-Tewa Womens Coalition To End Abuse, located in First Mesa, Arizona the Hopi Tewa Women’s Coalition to End Abuse is a leading voice to end sexual assault and domestic violence on the Hopi Reservation. Founded in 2008 by Hopi and Tewa women representatives of several villages and communities, HTWC is a non-profit organization that provides advocacy support to tribal and nontribal government agencies.

Yup’ik Women’s Coalition

The Yup’ik Women’s Coalition (YWC) strives to promote safety of women through education and advocacy. The YWC is committed to organize community efforts to end violence against women and children within Yup’ik villages through strengthening the traditional Yup’ik beliefs and teachings that have guided our people for thousands of years. The YWC is dedicated to the safety of women and believe in all rights of al people to live without fear, threat, violence, and oppression.

Southwest Indigenous Women’s Coalition

The Southwest Indigenous Women’s Coalition (SWIWC) is located in Mesa, Arizona and is a nonprofit domestic violence (DV) and sexual assault (SA) coalition serving the Tribes and Native DV/SA nonprofits in Arizona to increase their capacity to better address and respond to the domestic and sexual violence occurring in their communities. SWIWC promotes safety, justice victim-centered advocacy, offender accountability and healing through training, technical assistance, policy, and resource development.

Wabanaki Women’s Coalition

The Wabanaki Women's Coalition (WWC) is a non-profit Tribal Domestic and Sexual Violence Coalition Serving the five Wabanaki Tribes of Maine, providing them with technical assistance, training and resources. The MISSION of the Wabanaki Women's Coalition (WWC) is to increase the capacity of tribal communities to respond to domestic and sexual violence; and to influence tribal, national and regional systems to increase awareness, safety, justice, and healing for all our relations.

Montana Native Women’s Coalition

To improve urban, rural, and Native American community responses to victims of domestic and sexual violence. The Montana Native Women's Coalition has added purpose of bringing together Native American leaders and representatives from state agencies that manage and administer state and federal funding for domestic violence and programming in Montana, to improve coordination, access, and resources for native women and tribal programs.

Minnesota Indian Women's Sexual Assault Coalition

Through unity Minnesota Indian Women's Sexual Assault Coalition works to strengthen their voices and build resources in their communities statewide to create awareness and eliminate sexual violence against Indian women and children. They vigorously strive to apply their efforts toward influencing social change and reclaim traditional values that honor the sovereignty of Indian women and children.

Seven Dancers Coalition

A Native American Coalition of Professional from all over New York State and Haudenosaunee Country, Seven Dancers Coalition works to better the lives of Native American Women and their families. The major areas of focus are domestic violence, sexual assault, teen dating violence, stalking, and sex trafficking.

Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women

The Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women (CSVANW) is a member driven organization where its network of membership is engaged, every day, as a united force across New Mexico… all of whom are working cohesively towards stopping violence against Native Women and children in our tribal communities.

As a Resource Center to tribal domestic violence and sexual assault programs, shelters and first responders, CSVANW focuses on four areas of service: support, technical assistance, training and policy advocacy. The four overarching goals of CSVANW are to: