Accountability is a Requirement for Safety and Change

This webinar considers questions key to making survivors of intimate partner violence safe: What is accountability? What about from the perspective of survivors? Who are the offenders? Who has responsibility for holding offenders accountable? What do comprehensive, culturally based offender accountability programs look like? What are the resources needed to create a system that holds offenders accountable, and also support change for them to become respectful relatives? Read More ››


The landscape of IPV in the LGBTQ2S+ community doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The LGBTQ2S+ community faces challenges like homelessness, housing insecurity, discrimination, police violence, bias, lack of services, and even rejection of services. Overlapping forms of oppression are a dangerous reality of LGBTQ2S+ survivors, and these realities are strongly reinforced by Western colonial structures and beliefs. Read More ››

Advocacy Information Packet

This Advocacy Information Packet is a collection of articles, booklets and handouts covering a range of topics about advocacy with emphasis on work with survivors of intimate partner violence. Read More ››