NIWRC Awarded Thriving Women Grant from Seventh Generation Fund for NativeLove

By Mallory Adamski, Diné, Managing Editor, Restoration Magazine
Three teenage Native girls smiling in regalia at a community powwow. (Photo courtesy of NIWRC / Ne-Dah-Ness Greene).

This summer, the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center received a $30,000 grant from the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples, Inc. for staffing and general operating funds to support NativeLove. This project aims to end dating violence and encourage healthy relationships by empowering Native youth.

In February 2015, NIWRC launched the NativeLove project, offering toolkits for youth and educators, along with a website to offer resources and inspirational videos. The project included a Social Media Challenge and Youth Ambassador program, encouraging youth to express what Native love means to them and advocate against dating violence. With the grant from Seventh Generation Fund, NIWRC intends to further expand NativeLove to offer an educational curriculum, virtual advocate trainings, and ongoing social media advocacy.

“We recognize youth can lead the way for positive change, and it is up to all of us to be a part of this change,” said Lucy Simpson (Diné), NIWRC Executive Director. “Our goal for NativeLove is focused on addressing dating violence by empowering Native youth to reclaim what healthy relationships mean for them. NativeLove creates a safe space for Native youth to talk about healthy relationships, and we are thrilled to see this project grow and thrive.”

Seventh Generation Fund’s Thriving Women program addresses gender oppression by focusing on Native women-led work that responds to, prevents, and remedies issues of violence against Native women and girls. Grants are awarded to Indigenous women-led, community-based projects that empower Native peoples to address gender violence and restore wellness for the individual, family, and community.

The Thriving Women program recognizes the inherent link between violence against Native women, girls, and two-spirit relatives, and the wellbeing of the Earth. Overall, the program nurtures healthy and thriving Native communities, with the vision of reclaiming a world without violence against Native peoples.

NIWRC will utilize the funds provided through the generous support of Seventh Generation Fund to develop a community-based healthy relationships and dating violence prevention curriculum and trainings, as well as to strengthen NativeLove’s social media advocacy to reach Native youth.


Grant Opportunity: Thriving Women


The Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples invites proposals to the Thriving Women Program. Eligible projects for support are Indigenous community-organized, Women-led, and responding to gender-based violence against Native Women, Girls, and Two-Spirit Relatives. Deadline to apply is October 15, 2021. More information at and select “Thriving Women.”