Knowledge Keeper Prophecies: Teachings and Storytelling to Guide Values-Based Responses to Crisis and Disasters

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In this webinar, we will hear from valued Knowledge Keepers of 3 different Tribal Nations on prophecies, teachings, and stories that support their communities in regaining perspective on what actions to take during this time of great turmoil as the new world struggles to be born. The ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis have called upon leaders to turn to original teachings to protect our people and lands. In this storytelling session, we hope to inspire leaders, advocates, and decision-makers to look to the original instructions and values in their stories and languages as guides to planning and responding to challenges that impact entire Nations.



Hopi Prophecy by Thomas Banyacya (1995) Part 1 and Part 2
Black Elk Speaks book by John G. Neihardt
Layered Mitigation for In-Person Meetings & Travel Guidance, In-Office Community Care Best Practice and Internal Staff Correspondence
Recording October 2022 webinar featuring advocates who are also long Covid survivors and survivors of violence
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