Using Social Media to Engage Your Audience & Tell Your Story

Social Media can serve as the living voice of your organization and can convey your organization’s story, mission and drive to the general public and your intended audience. Each of your posts tells a piece of your organization’s story. Learn how to vet news stories, share resources, and the basics of what social media platforms are available. Find out how to take advanced approaches to social media such as positioning your page as a news source for your community, to reporting analytics and insights for funders, to seeing what works internally for your organizational needs. This webinar, provided by National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, will give tribal coalitions an overview of using social media to engage and develop their audience and best practices to aid in telling their organization’s story.

Social Media Webinar Resources


“Leche Lounge”, portable lactation suite with breastpump, a Native owned business by Stephanie Conduff, International Legal professional & Entrepreneur.

“Medicine Women” 60-minute documentary produced by Princella RedCorn, NIWRC Communications that broadcast on PBS Plus in November 2016.