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Workbook: Missing Indigenous Sisters Tools Initiative (MISTI)

Published Date: 
Wednesday, November 4, 2020

"This workbook is geared towards families of missing Native relatives. Family searches are the most invested in finding a lost loved one. They are also a powerful expression of sovereignty. Sometimes, police and other agencies need to be held accountable for inaction or apathy. With families empowered with information, the search for the missing relative cannot be derailed by apathy or inaction, in fact quite the opposite, as visibility and accountability won’t permit it. This workbook was not created in partnership with any funder or funding source. Rather, made because there is a need by people who see how this workbook can be developed as a community asset to first and foremost serve families of the lost. If we have collective consciousness, we have collective trauma that can come with it. Maybe with community working together to find our missing, we can together begin to heal the collective trauma that is drifting between generations and must to be stopped."