Conversation with the Field: Highlighting and Supporting Indigenous Women’s Sacred Ties to their Homelands and Culture as a Protective Factor

Webinar Recording

In close collaboration with our National Partners, the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center (NIWRC) developed a Six Point Action Plan, see link. Point Six recognizes that both land and Indigenous women are sacred and connected, and that both require legislative and policy actions to protect them from extractive industries and corporate interests, such as the passage of the Save Oak Flat legislation, HR 1884/S.915.

In this CWTF, the NIWRC policy team cordially invites you to have a focused discussion about the direct correlation of land and sacred sites with the safety of Indigenous women and culture as a protective factor. The CTWF will also include important discussions around creating an action plan highlighting the concrete steps you plan to take to support Indigenous communities into the future.

About the Speaker: Rose “Loke” Pettigrew moved from the island of Oahu to the island of Molokai 31 years ago to live on the land where her kupuna (elders/ancestors) lived during ancient times. She stayed home raise her two children and when her youngest keiki (child) started school, she took classes at the local community college. Rose is a social service assistant with the Family Court of the Second Court, State of Hawaii. She’s worked for The Judiciary on Molokai for 21 years. She is also a DV advocate at the only DV shelter on the island of Molokai. She’s worked at the shelter for nine (9) years providing individual services, case management, support groups, etc. Rose is Pouhana O Na Wahine (Pillar of Women) President of the Board of Directors and Native Hawaiian Domestic Violence Advocate.