Peer to Peer Training: A Virtual Peer Led Primer on Responding to our Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives

Day 1

Welcome: Anna Bean, Council Woman, Puyallup Tribe
Overview: Gwendolyn Packard, NIWRC Training and Technical Assistance Specialist
Cultural Presentation: Connie McCloud


David Rogers USAO

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Patti Gosch and Dawn Pullin, Washington State Patrol Tribal Liaison

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Asa Washines and Annie Forsman Adams, Washington State MMIWP Task Force



Puyallup Human Trafficking Project, Carolyn DeFord, Project Coordinator



Puyallup Culture and History, Brandon Reynon and Charlotte Basch, Historic Preservation



Connections between Earth Mother and the MMIW, Jeffrey Thomas, Puyallup Timber, Fish and Wildlife

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Day 1 Videos 


Day 2

Welcome: Nancy Shippentower, Puyallup Tribe



Overview of Puyallup Domestic Violence Shelter and Program, Jennifer Caldwell and Uzuri Hilyard

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Remember My Name—Examining Systems and Patterns of Historical and Present-Day Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW), Emily Washines, Yakima.

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Update from Canada with Meggie Cywink, Anishnaabe--Whitefish River First Nation.

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Relatives, Families and Community
Alyssa McLemore's story with Auntie Tina Russell
Lori Thomas’ Sister's Story



Day 3

Welcome, Anna Bean, Council Women, Puyallup Tribe



Overview: Policy Update on MMIW-R, Rose Quilt, NIWRC Research and Policy Director

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Puyallup Tribe Wrap Around Program and Tiny House Village, Shannel Janzen and Candi Turning Robe

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What are We Seeing in NamUS?, Jessica Hager, Regional Program Specialist

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Words of Action and Wisdom, Ramona Bennett, Puyallup Tribal Elder, former Council Woman, former Chairwoman



Traditional Closing, Connie McCloud, Puyallup Tribe



Day 3 Video: