Trauma-Informed Approaches for Supporting Domestic Trafficking Survivors

Survivor Centered Webinar Series on Sex Trafficking of Native Women  |  1 of 4 Survivor Centered Webinar Series on Sex Trafficking of Native Women

This webinar lays the foundation for understanding sex trafficking of Native women and survivor centered responses developed by three experts in the field.

Christine Stark (Cherokee/Anishinaabe is an award winning author, speaker, organizer, and visual artist. Her articles have been published in numerous journals and anthologies, including Prostitution, Trafficking, and Traumatic Stress and others. Currently, she is writing a report titled “Gathering Our Stories: the Prostitution and Trafficking of Native Women on the Duluth Ships” based upon interviews she conducted with Native women and men.

Dr. Alexandra (Sandi) Pierce is an applied sociologist of Seneca and European descent. A long-time survivor of sex trafficking, she is the principal investigator and author of Shattered Hearts, the first research report on the commercial sexual exploitation of American Indian girls and women ever published in the United States. Dr. Pierce recently partnered with the Dr. Lauren Martin at the University of Minnesota’s Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center to produce a report on the overall market structure of juvenile sex trafficking in Minneapolis, titled Mapping the Market. Dr. Pierce is also an active member of a national coalition of sex trafficking survivors.