Nā Hānauna Ho'ōla (Healing Generations)

This webinar will explore the impact of trauma and violence towards Native Hawaiian women in our communities as a result of the U.S. overthrow of our government and forced statehood.  The resulting oppression of Native Hawaiians has been devastating to the health and well-being of our people who have been a thriving people that lived as part of the land, sea, and sky. The introduction of alcohol and drugs exacerbated the violence and separated Hawaiians from their very being and displaced their families.  We will also address the importance of healing from the pain and past injustices by acknowledging in the present that we are evolving and once again will become a thriving people.  It is important for us to share our culture, values, and belief systems that were passed down to us by our ancestors.  Recent reports on intimate partner violence, sexual assault and sex trafficking, dictate a need in Hawaii for a Native Hawaiian Domestic Violence Resource Center, and it is Pouhana O Na Wahine’s intention to be the ones to open the center in Hawaii.