Collective Healing: Plant Medicine Allies to Support Long COVID Survivors and Collective Grief Now and Into the Future


In this webinar, we learn about the plant medicines of our historical, current, and future needs with an herbalist, seed keeper, farmer, doula, poet, and long COVID survivor, Chasity Salvador (Acoma Pueblo).

We will have a conversation about plant relative allies and knowledge that have held us through past disasters/crises, collective grief and trauma, and global pandemics, including the current and active COVID-19 pandemic, where 1 out of every infection results in long COVID, according to the World Health Organization. Our plant allies tell stories of the different ways our communities have been impacted and can seek to heal from the trauma of global pandemics and the global climate crisis. In this webinar, we will learn about plants of the southwest and ways to be in relation with them as supports to facilitate healing.

This work is guided by the learning and teachings of our ancestors, both human and non-human, that have been a part of our communities since pre-colonial times. This conversation also holds awareness for Indigenous peoples that have experienced barriers to their own medicinal plant ways.