Tribal Consultation on Violence Against Women Act VAWA 2013 Section 903

Webinar Recording

VAWA 2005 requires the DOJ, HHS, and DOI to engage in formal consultation with Indian tribes on an annual basis to address concerns that impact the safety of Indian women at the broadest level. Participation in this nation-to-nation consultation is critically important for tribal leaders to dialogue with government officials about solutions and strategies to address issues related to violence against Native women. We hope that you will join our webinar to review outstanding or emerging issues to address the most serious roadblocks to the safety of Native women and how you can voice your concerns and provide recommendations to increase accountability and enhance the safety for Native women.

  • Kelbie Kennedy, Esq. (Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma)
  • Ms. Juana Majel-Dixon (Pauma Band of Mission Indians)
  • Kerri Colfer (Tlingit)
  • Shannon Holsey (Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Indians)
  • Michelle Demmert (Tlingit, Eagle)