Tillie Black Bear Women Are Sacred Seasonal Healing Camp: Biboon Anishinaabe-Mshkiki: Winter Anishinaabe Medicines

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In honor of Tillie Black Bear, known as the grandmother of the movement to end violence against Native women, and inspired by healing camps that Tillie organized, the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center (NIWRC) is offering a seasonal healing camp session for domestic and sexual violence survivors and advocates. While we have a lot of work to do to achieve social change at the tribal, local, state, national and international levels, we should take a moment to remember that individual and collective healing is possible and available. Tillie offered hope and healing and inspired generations of survivors and advocates. We hope this opportunity to participate in our seasonal healing camps inspires everyone to more intentionally plan and regularly implement self-care throughout the year to improve overall health outcomes for Indigenous people.

Many indigenous plants contain both Latin and Indigenous names, as well as the common names that we know them by today. This healing session will go over those names and the common uses for using plants as medicine in the community. It will also go over safety protocols, respectful harvesting, and experiences using these medicines. With the winter months approaching, this session will also cover how to use these plants for common ailments that are associated with the colder months.