Honoring Our Youth Through Ensuring Safe Housing and Access to Shelter

Webinar Recording

Indigenous youth find themselves on the streets for a multitude of reasons. The causes and consequences of life on the street usually include a troubled family life, domestic violence, physical and sexual abuse, trauma, inadequate housing, poverty, substance use, mental health issues, and involvement in the child welfare system. Just like Indian boarding schools, child protection is rooted in colonization as it continues to remove children from their communities rather than providing the necessary programs and services to keep families together to care for their children.

This webinar will focus on what led to many Indigenous youths’ housing status and how some Indigenous youths were able to move off the streets. We will also explore prevention strategies to help prevent youth homelessness such as: keeping families intact, incorporating traditional and cultural practices, training social workers in the child welfare system, creating housing opportunities, ensuring safety, and addressing the effects of colonization on Indigenous families and communities.