MMIW Toolkit for Families and Communities

The MMIW Toolkit for Understanding and Responding to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women for Families and Communities is designed to assist families, communities, and advocacy organizations in understanding and responding to a case of a missing or murdered Native woman. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to developing a community response, these resources provide a starting point and outline important information and resources available. Explore and download the resources below.

Note: This toolkit is not designed to address how to respond when someone 17 or younger goes missing, as it involves a unique set of laws, policies, and other resources. We encourage you to view When Your Child Is Missing: A Family Survival Guide for tools to assist you in the safe return of children.

Use the tabs below to download resources, view our Jurisdiction Assessment Tool, and explore our MMIW Database of Response Contacts.

When a Native woman goes missing, responding and investigative authorities can include any federal, state, local, or tribal agencies. The interplay among different law enforcement and criminal justice authorities with the authority to investigate and charge crimes is complex. This Jurisdiction Assessment Tool offers an overview of the various authorities to help identify who to contact.

Your missing loved one’s location and tribal affiliation will determine who to call and how to get help. The MMIW Database of Contacts offers contact information for federal and state authorities, as well as victims’ services programs and other family resources when responding to a case of a missing Native woman.