Federal Stalking Laws

Federal Stalking Laws

United States Codes Service


  • § 2261A. Stalking

Domestic Violence & Stalking

  • § 2261. Interstate domestic violence
  • § 2262. Interstate violation of protection order
  • § 2263. Pretrial release of defendant
  • § 2264. Restitution
  • § 2265. Full faith and credit given to protection orders
  • § 922. Unlawful acts. – [Domestic Violence and Stalking Firearm Prohibitions only]

Related Offenses

  • § 875. Interstate communications
  • § 223. Obscene or harassing telephone calls in the District of Columbia or in interstate or foreign communications

Violence Against Women Act Stalking Updates

  • The Violence Against Women Act was recently reauthorized, and included updates to various provisions, acts, and grants. We have compiled a summary of changes from VAWA 2013 related to stalking. Click here to learn more.

Resources provided by: Stalking Resource Center, a program of the National Center For Victims of Crime