Conversation with MIWSAC on the Intersections of Sex Trafficking and Stalking


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This webinar will explore how the crimes of sex trafficking and stalking intersect in Indigenous communities. This webinar/discussion will discuss how these crimes can be misunderstood and unrecognized. In addition, the misconceptions surrounding both stalking and sex trafficking will be explored. This webinar will go over how critical it is to identify stalking and sex trafficking and that the crime of stalking should not be minimized due to its likelihood of being a precursor of sex trafficking and MMIP.

During this panel discussion, the audience will be better able to:

  • Recognize the intersections between stalking and sex trafficking.
  • Understand why stalking and sex trafficking are misunderstood and unrecognized in Indigenous communities.
  • Provide strategies for identifying these crimes in Native communities while strengthening advocacy and criminal justice response.
  • Enhance responses that connect survivors to services, safety planning, and culturally relevant resources.