Tillie Black Bear Women Are Sacred Day Webinar

This celebratory webinar is dedicated to Tillie Black Bear, Wa Wokiye Win (Woman Who Helps Everyone), for her contributions to end violence against women in the United States and across Indigenous Nations.

We recognize Unci Tillie as a founding grandmother of our movement. She gave hope and healing to generations of survivors, advocates, and Native Americans by her dedication to organizing the Violence Against Women Movement. Unci Tillie inspired thousands from all walks of life, from community to national levels, to end domestic violence and sexual violence. This webinar will highlight movement milestones to end domestic violence, including foundational legal reforms. Speakers will share Indigenous approaches to current organizing efforts to address systemic barriers to the safety of Indigenous women, specifically, the process of healing and the essential role of Indigenous relationships to the land, family, and lifeways. In celebrating the legacy of Unci Tillie, we re-dedicate our commitment to ending domestic violence by recognizing the need for increasing Indigenous shelter options and grassroots advocacy to support survivors.

This October 1, as we launch Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we are excited to celebrate Unci Tillie’s life's work to end domestic violence through a Tillie Black Bear, National Women Are Sacred Day.