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"Own the Narrative: Exploring the Portrayal of Native Women in Films & News Media"

"Own the Narrative: Exploring the Portrayal of Native Women in Films & News Media"

2018 Women Are Sacred (WAS) Conference, Session Information: Own The Narrative: Exploring the Portrayal of Natie Women in Films and News Media. What is the naarrative of Native women by the mass media? Why is this view important in the movement of Safety for Native Women? How do we take back our own healing and stories? We will explore how Native American, Alaska Native and Hawaiian Native women have been, and are currently portrayed in film and news media. From Hollywood to Indie films, from New York Times to local tribal news coverage, we will explore the current landscape of how Native women appear to the general population and more importantly, create strategies to take back our own image and tell our own stories as it is critical to inform, maintain and increase public awareness of safety for Native women. Presenters will provide tools, training and resources to take the narrative back by leveraging online platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, Vimeo, etc) and creating real-time or live examples as well as edited products. One real-time example will be producing a short video and posting it to an online video hosting site and sharing it on your social media by using your smart phone.

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  • Feature Film: 
    • Naturally Native by Valarie Red-Horse Mohl (Cherokee) 1998. Free Streaming on Vimeo.
    • Whale Rider by Niki Caro (2002). Trailer on IMDB.
    • Hostiles by Scott Cooper (2017). Trailer on IMDB.