Virtual Event

Conversation and Coffee with Peers on Tribal FVPSA and ARP Grant Spending & Activities


Let’s visit!  If you have questions about utilizing FVPSA or ARP funding or would like to share productive experiences utilizing FVPSA or ARP monies, we invite you to join us for coffee and conversation in this virtual space. This session, FVPSA Office and NIWRC staff welcome experts from the STTARS Indigenous Safe Housing Center to describe their work and resources, and discuss using FVPSA grants and other resources to bridge homelessness/housing insecurity and gender-based violence. Conversation may address:

  • What are successful ways you are utilizing FVPSA and ARP monies to support survivors?
  • What do your plans look like for spending this funding within the next year?
  • Are you experiencing any challenges spending these funds? If so, we’ll explore solutions together!
  • Are you having difficulties managing these funds? We’re here to help!

Each Office Hours event may include a breakout session for grant-specific expertise and support.

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If you have any questions or need any assistance at any time, please contact Brenda Hill, NIWRC Director of Technical Assistance and Training, at

Please share this invitation with other staff in your organizations who assist with administering your FVPSA and ARP funds (e.g. finance staff, program staff, etc.)