Justine Baker

Justine Baker

The majority of women are not assaulted once.  There are 22 states without dedicated shelters to victims of sex trafficking.  

Our numbers are wrong, they increase and create life long patterns of unhealthy and even, abusive relationships.

Many women turn to self sexploitation as a false sense to be "in control" after SA.

Most need long term therapy, vocational/higher education skills and help in avoiding triggers as they become empowered survivors.

The current training for SA, in particular trafficking response for most areas is not helpful to get out and stay out of the life.

Most responders don't know how to respond.  Family/friends are not aware of what to say, including just listening and stating clearly, "I'm here," "I support what you choose," "I will hold your hand and hold you up," "I believe you".  They feel vulnerable, powerless and their words through discomfort often discourage even therapy/counseling/group.

Sex Trafficked/Sexually Exploited Victims do not fall into the same type of crisis management care or needs of other SA victims.  However, most all SA victims can end up trafficked and/or exploited by force or choice, if not addressed appropriately.

Do you know how to get someone to walk away from earning $500 to several thousand a day, when they do get away from their trafficker/exploiter?  Do know the real triggers that entice and encourage false self-justification to go back?  Do you have the training and tools to empower those who aren't even aware or believe they are a victim yet?

Some places do, most do not. Those who got away from it, are not part of a "cycle" that can't be broken.  They are the ones with the unfortunate expertise to provide advice on training, awareness and the resources needed.