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Our Resource Library includes culturally-grounded resources developed by NIWRC to support tribes, tribal programs, and advocates working on issues of violence against Native women, as well as other materials and publications from outside sources. NIWRC-produced resources may be repurposed or reproduced as long as NIWRC is cited as the source.

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) is nationally recognized annually in October. Preparation for DVAM often includes domestic violence programs and communities hosting intentional, motivational Read More ››


Book: "Safety for Native Women: VAWA and American Indian Tribes". A resource to increase the awareness of the VAWA tribal provisions, and to shed light on legal barriers to the safety of Native women that remain unaddressed.



VAWA 2005 requires the DOJ, HHS, and DOI to engage in formal consultation with Indian tribes on an annual basis to address concerns that impact the safety of Indian women at the broadest level. Read More ››

Resource Tool

This is the Third Edition of Pathways Home: A Native Homeownership Guide, which was developed by the National American Indian Housing Council. Read More ››


This is an optional form that you may provide your housing provider if you are seeking VAWA protections from your housing provider. This form also provides for alternate 3rd party documentation. Read More ››


This is a form that can be used to request an emergency transfer. This form explains the requirements for qualifying for an emergency transfer. Read More ››


Danielle Chiaramonte, Kathryn A.V. Clements, Gabriela Lopez-Zeron; Oyesola Oluwafunmilayo Ayeni; Adam M. Farero; Wenjuan Ma; Cris M. Sullivan Read More ››