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Our Resource Library includes culturally-grounded resources developed by NIWRC to support tribes, tribal programs, and advocates working on issues of violence against Native women, as well as other materials and publications from outside sources. NIWRC-produced resources may be repurposed or reproduced as long as NIWRC is cited as the source.

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Apr 29, 2021

The National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center (NIWRC) invites you to a briefing to understand the complex and ongoing Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) crisis. Read More ››

Apr 7, 2021

The MMIW Toolkit is designed to assist families, communities and advocacy organizations in understanding and responding to a case of a missing or murdered Native woman. Read More ››

Apr 6, 2021
Journal Article

The March 2021 edition is focused on topics related to law, prosecution, advocacy, and health care-related issues. Read More ››

Mar 12, 2021

The purpose of this initial U.S. Attorney's Office Missing and Murdered Indigenous People Report is to provide tribal communities, law enforcement, and the public an overview of the currently Read More ››

Jan 21, 2021

The Presidential Task Force on Missing and Murdered American Indians and Alaska Natives, also known as Operation Lady Justice (OLJ), is closely coordinating with the Tribes and states which are Read More ››

Jan 21, 2021

Indigenous people account for less than 3% of the population in Wyoming. Read More ››

Dec 27, 2020

This report to the Minnesota Legislature includes mandates that aim to reduce and end violence against Indigenous women, girls, and two spirit people in Minnesota Read More ››