Stories Are Our Power: Heart-to-Heart Discussion and Lessons Learned with the U.S. Trans Survey Indigenous Outreach Team on 6/24/2024



Stories Are Our Power Webinar

Panel discussion with the U.S. Trans Survey Indigenous Outreach Team

The U.S. Trans Survey Indigenous Outreach Team was thrilled to announce the release of the findings from the 2022 U.S. Trans Survey (USTS). The Early Insights report is now available, and as Indigenous peoples, many recognize that “our stories are our power”, but this statement also holds true with Indigenous Trans and 2S Relatives across Native lands, territories, and Turtle Island.

An unprecedented 92,329 respondents took the 2022 U.S. Trans Survey. It is the largest-ever survey of the lives and experiences of transgender people. We invite you all to join a conversation with the Indigenous advocates and community movers that worked hard to reach the Indigenous trans community to raise awareness and provide opportunities to complete the survey for as many transgender people as possible.

  • During this discussion, the U.S. Trans Survey Indigenous Outreach Team will discuss:
  • Their efforts focused on connecting with Indigenous community, who are often underrepresented in survey research.
  • The lessons learned in 2015 USTS, and the expanded efforts and diverse approaches to community engagement.
  • Why the U.S. Trans Survey 2022 will be significant to responding to Indigenous trans survivors of intimate partner violence, violence, and housing instability.


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