Check In, Tech Up (3 of 3): Navigating IT Systems to Support the Work of Tribal Domestic Violence Programs and Shelters


Managing operations for your tribal domestic violence program and/or shelter can be difficult, especially when the unexpected can occur. Having systems, practices and protections in place will help organizationally with growth, management, and to mitigate loss of time, data and services. This series of “Check In, Tech Up Clinics” demonstrates innovative and best practices for grantees to use to address challenges you face with grant reporting, data protection and collection to ensure the safety and confidentiality of survivors, protect the integrity of your work and simplify data collection and reporting requirements. With this in mind, NIWRC is offering three different Tech Clinics to assist in building your organization’s capacity and strengthening your digital practices. Following a brief introduction to technology updates, NIWRC “techsperts” will be on hand to respond to all your tech needs and questions and provide one on one support.

Clinic 3 - Aug 29, 2024 at 11:00--12:30 AKT; 12:00--1:30 PT; 1:00--2:30 MT; 2:00--3:30 CT; 3:00--4:30 ET
Data Recovery Technology The Data Recovery Technology session includes a combination of introducing robust hardware, versatile software, and best practices for data backup and recovery. In today’s environment, this is critical in responding to climate change, preparing for disaster and protection of data.