Tribal Partners

Pouhana O Nā Wāhine

Pouhana O Nā Wāhine (PONW) Native Hawaiian Resource Center

Pouhana O Nā Wāhine (PONW - Pillars of Women) is a Native Hawaiian 501c(3) nonprofit organization formed in Hawaii to fulfill the kuleana (responsibility) of a Native Hawaiian Resource Center on Domestic Violence. PONW is committed to focusing on reducing the disparities Native Hawaiians (NH) experience related to domestic violence, sexual violence and any other forms of violence, by integrating and utilizing traditionally and culturally appropriate values rooted in the NH way of life, that supports families and communities to heal from trauma. PONW is dedicated to providing technical assistance and training, partner at the community, state and national levels, to develop policies and resources to prevent, intervene and eliminate domestic violence and all other forms of violence against NH women, children and men.