Tribal Coalitions

Wabanaki Women’s Coalition

The Wabanaki Women's Coalition (WWC) is a non-profit Tribal Domestic and Sexual Violence Coalition Serving the five Wabanaki Tribes of Maine, providing them with technical assistance, training and resources. The MISSION of the Wabanaki Women's Coalition (WWC) is to increase the capacity of tribal communities to respond to domestic and sexual violence; and to influence tribal, national and regional systems to increase awareness, safety, justice, and healing for all our relations. VISION: Guide the evolution of systems and policies that reflect our Wabanaki voice on behalf of survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Create a technical resource center that affirms Wabanaki cultural values and tribal sovereignty, and empowers tribal service providers to serve, educate and influence their communities in an effective and uniform way. Be recognized as the informed resource for issues on Wabanaki survivor of domestic and sexual violence.