Symone McBride

Symone sitting

Symone McBride joins the National Indigenous Women's Resource Center (NIWRC) as a dedicated Program Assistant. As a proud member of the Waccamaw Siouan Tribe, Symone embraces her heritage and works tirelessly to promote cultural preservation and empowerment. As a mother of two beautiful girls, Symone understands the importance of creating a better future for the next generation. Her role as a parent has instilled in her a deep sense of compassion, patience, and resilience, which she channels into her work at NIWRC. Recently obtaining a Google IT certificate through Merit America, Symone possesses the technical skills to navigate the digital landscape effectively. Beyond her professional achievements, Symone is heavily involved in the powwow circuit and ceremonies. Through active participation in cultural celebrations, she honors her heritage and contributes to the preservation and promotion of Indigenous traditions. Symone's dedication to cultural preservation inspires others and fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of Native American culture. Symone's commitment to community extends beyond cultural events. She volunteers her time to help youth in sports and cultural classes, recognizing the importance of providing opportunities for personal growth, physical well-being, and cultural education. Her dedication to supporting young individuals reflects her passion for empowering the next generation and building strong, resilient communities.