Cindy Martin

Cindy Martin

My work is to support women and girls in the four areas of wellness; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Some specific areas are food, nutrition, exercise and indigenous community health approaches.   Promote the traditional health model of the Haudenosaunee, referred to as the “Reconnection Journey through the Tree Rings” – for training, advising and mentoring to help women recover, rebuild and reclaim self. 


  1. Reality Therapy / Choice Theory Certificate
  2. Tran theoretical Model of Change
  3. Diabetes Education training
  4. Successful Communication for Women
  5. Facilitator Training
  6. Wilderness Survival Training level 1
  7. Therapeutic Touch Levels 1, 2,3
  8. How to Replace Workplace Negativity with Enthusiasm
  9. Health Effects of Woman Abuse
  10. Through the Pain Suicide Prevention Program
  11. Dealing with Difficult Behaviors: Solutions
  12. Family Violence Training, Women’s Shelter
  13. Protecting Personal Information
  14. Coaching Certificates Competition A and B
  15. Doula Training
  16. Cayuga Language


Active Involvement

Coach – Basketball, Kayak, Canoeing, Golf

Co-Commodore – Aka:we Canoe Club

Fire Fighter


I provide my services through group presentations or individual consultations by telephone or skype. 

I have the support of my traditional people from my community and many reference letters from organizations in the United States and Canada.