National Partners

National Center to Advance Peace for Children, Youth and Families

Latinos United for Peace and Equity (LUPE), the national arm of Caminar Latino, leads and operates the National Center to Advance Peace for Children, Youth, and Families (NCAP). The NCAP works to ensure that domestic violence cases involving children and youth are handled in a manner that recognizes the complex legal, cultural, and psychological dynamics of domestic violence and provides access to the best possible sources of information and tangible assistance to those working in the field of child protection and custody in the context of domestic violence. The NCAP provides leadership to identify needs, develop strategies and enhance responses to domestic violence in the context of child protection and custody; delivers training and technical assistance (TA); partners with survivors to eliminate barriers to service access; advances effective policy and systems change; conducts research and evaluation; promotes public awareness of domestic violence, dating violence, and prevention; and partner with NIWRC, AKNWRC, and Ujima to addresses the child welfare impacts on Indigenous families and system inequities for Black and Latinx families.