National Partners

Battered Women’s Justice Project

Criminal and Civil Justice Center

The Battered Women’s Justice Project (BWJP) consists of two partnering agencies that operate in separate locations.

The Criminal and Civil Justice Center in Minneapolis provides technical assistance on:

  • Criminal justice response to domestic violence cases, with a focus on intervention through interagency coordination and policy development that guides practitioners in the use of arrest, prosecution, sentencing, probation, victim safeguards, and batterer intervention programs;
  • Civil legal issues, including civil protection orders, divorce, custody, child support, economic restoration, and alternate dispute resolution;
  • Use of domestic violence safety audits to assess the effectiveness of institutional interventions in DV cases;
  • Coordination of the military and civilian responses to domestic violence cases involving military personnel and advocacy for victims; and,
  • Responses to police officer-involved domestic crimes, including advocacy for victims.