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Uniting Three Fires Against Violence

Our mission is to support Michigan Tribes in promoting the social change necessary to address the disproportionate rates of violence impacting our communities.

Uniting Three Fires Against Violence envisions

  1. Empowered Native American survivors with access to essential and culturally appropriate services throughout the State of Michigan.
  2. Tribal communities that have access to the resources necessary to provide the identified services.
  3. Tribal, State and Federal responses guided by culturally appropriate and trauma informed practices.

Goals of UTFAV include:

  1. To ESTABLISH a network among advocates working in Indian County who are providing comprehensive services to victims of domestic violence.
  2. To EMPOWER survivors of domestic violence.
  3. To EDUCATE Tribal and non-Tribal communities in Michigan on issues of domestic violence.
  4. To SUPPORT and PROMOTE quality services to native victims of crime.
  5. To ENSURE native victims of domestic violence receive culturally appropriate services.
  6. To EDUCATE service providers in Michigan working with native victims of crime about the complex issues that native victims and their families face.