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Lily Gladstone

Keynote, Celebrity, Inspirational
Blackfeet and Nez Perce

CERTAIN WOMEN Jamie- Lead Clyde Park
Kelly Reichardt
JIMMY P. Sunshine First Raise - Principle Why Not Productions
Arnaud Desplechin
WINTER IN THE BLOOD Marlene - Lead Ranchwater Films
Alex & Andrew Smith
SUBTERRANEA Heather - Lead Birdman Films
Mathew Miller
THE THIN LINE Darla - Lead Gastonic Films
Neil Thompson
LONE TREE BENCH Molly - Lead Amethyst Productions
Tolan Harber
UNIVERSAL VIP Thelma - Lead Unworthy Films
Ken White and Gyasi Ross
BLEACH BONE Claire - Lead With a Cause Productions
John D. Nilles
COLLEGE GOAL SUNDAY Lead College Goal Sunday USA
Peter Rosten
I CAN’T STOP Brooke - Lead Seattle Public Schools
Conflict Resolution Series
Professional Theatre
THE MIRACLE WORKER Kate Keller – Lead Montana Repertory Theatre
Bernadette Sweeney
THE FRYBREAD QUEEN Carlisle – Lead Native Voices at the Autry
Jere Hodgin
NATIVE VISION Alice - Lead Living Voices
Susanna Burney
WITHIN THE SILENCE Emiko - Lead Living Voices
Rachael McClinton
LA CAUSA Marta - Lead Living Voices
Rachael McClinton
The University of Montana – BFA Acting Awarded
Acting Gregory Johnson, Dr. Jillian Campana, Noah Tuleja, Dr. Randy Bolton
Stage Combat/Clowning Noah Tuleja, T. Fulton Burns
Voice Joe Proctor
Singing Ann Basinski
Theatre of the Oppressed
Forum Theatre, Image Theatre Dr. Jillian Campana
Rainbow into Forum Method Augusto Boal, Julian Boal

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NASS Talent Management Jennie Saks 406-586-7045 [email protected]