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Frank Adakai

Private Consultant
Adakai Consulting

Briefly describe your work:
I am a National Facilitator, travel to locations of invite, programs, communities, conferences, etc.  My background is Criminal Justice, 8 years in Uniform (worked as Patrol, promoted to ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain) resiognerd and wentg to work within the Federal system, 29 1/2 years as Federal Agent.  I have had unlimited experiences and exposures to Program Development, Program Administration, Report Writing, Criminal Investigation, Program Inspection and Evaluation,Evidence Collection and Processing, Gang and Drug Investigation, Attended Northwest Traffic Institute and became certified as a Law Enforcement Instructor at Academies.  I am also a graduate of the National F.B.I. Academy.  I did instruction in Program Administration, Communication, Traffic Accident Investigation, Criminal Crime Scene Investigation, Evidence Collection, Fingerprinting, Report Writing, and Riot Control and Organization.  I have trained personnel within the Law Enforcement and Court.  I have been retired for about 13 years.    Presently, my wife, Corie Moran Adakai, also a National Facilitator, travel as a team.  We do facilitation in the areas of; Trust and Team Building, Men, Women, and Youth Wellness (work in the ares of mental, emotional, Physical and Spiritual), Stress Reduction, Suicide Prevention- Alternative Apporoach, Are You A Work-A-Holic, Unresolved Issues between Father and Son, Mother and Daughter, Healing The Healers and Letting Go, Facilitation Skills, Leadership, Train the Trainers, Oral Teachings _ Are they still there?, Parents of Alcoholic Children and Wellness In The Work Place.    Our work is all facilitation and no lecturing.  The set up involves a large circle of chairs on which the participants sit on and the facilitator is in the middle.  This allows unending interaction between the participants and facilitator. There is no barriers between the participants and facilitator.  Facilitation method involves, subject is presented, followed by actual scenerios and hands-on done by participants, while the facilitator does the guiding. The concept is: "TELL ME, I FORGET", "SHOW ME, I REMEMBER", "INVOLVE ME, I UNDERSTAND". The participants are divided evenly into seperate groups.  This allows complete strangers to work with one another, and group members become acquainted while working within the group.  We use energizers and this breaks the monotony, and the group are eager to participate in what is being presented.  The aim of the work is also towards rejuvenation, which is done through playing, and letting go of burdens being carried by participants.       BIO and Description of Subject being presented can be faxed upon request.        

I provide my services via: On-Site
My Fees & Requirements are: Facilitation fee is $1000 a day per facilitator plus travel, room and board cost (Most of the time the fee is negotiated)

Speaker Topics: