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Restoration | Volume 17 | Issue 1

Dear Friends,

It is an honor to share with you the February 2020 edition of Restoration of Native Sovereignty and Safety for Native Women. As the movement gains ground in raising awareness among policymakers, the media and in the public of the issues of violence in Indian Country, we are continuing to work alongside Tribal Nations and grassroots advocates to ensure the federal response is grounded in addressing the root causes of violence against Native women: colonization and genocide.

This is a critical time for the movement, as we look to securing the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act—S. 2843 and H.R. 1585. Developed in partnership with tribal and national advocacy organizations, these companion bills include critical resources for tribes to implement VAWA and necessary lifesaving amendments to enhance tribal sovereignty and safety for Native women. We are also working with policymakers on the reauthorization of the Family Violence Prevention & Services Act through companion bills S. 2259 and H.R. 5041. These bills include funding for core domestic violence shelter and supportive services and important tribal amendments to increase services and technical assistance. We continue to work with policymakers on important stand-alone bills addressing the missing and murdered Indigenous women crisis that are also pending in this Congress.

The National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center is committed to providing national leadership in the work to end violence against Native women by lifting up the collective voices of Tribal Nations and Native women. Programmatic support is necessary to ensure tribes can continually benefit from NIWRC’s training and technical assistance, policy development, educational resources, and publications such as Restoration—which are rooted in traditional lifeways and beliefs.

Last fall, our board and staff drafted plans for the next five years of our work, which includes visions for our upcoming Women Are Sacred Conference, national movement building and community organizing, and overall organizational advancement. As we finalize our strategic plans to bring these visions to life, we recognize that these foundational elements of our work require significant financial investment, which we can achieve with your support. Each gift made to the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center and Restoration of Native Sovereignty and Safety for Native Women strengthens our mission to end violence against Native women and vision of restoring sovereignty for tribes to hold perpetrators accountable. Please consider making a donation to help advance this work at

With your support, we can restore our communities to a place of beauty, balance and safety together.