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Booklet: Privacy, Confidentiality and Privileged Communications: Keystones to Safety

Published Date: 
Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Privacy, confidentiality and privileged communications are the keystones to safety for survivors of battering or domestic violence. Protecting privacy and confidentiality of victims of domestic violence is directly related to a survivor’s ability to trust, ask for advocacy, support and help. The law provides certain protections to conversations referred to as “privileged communications” between two individuals. All of these protections are important to understand as well as any legal limitations that local laws may impose. This booklet will provide basic guidance for advocates and shelter programs to understand and implement or integrate these practices for the protection of those who experience violence, not only in terms of policy, law and funding conditions, but also in terms of its impact on the safety and integrity of Native communities.

This booklet is also available for purchase for $6 each.