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Sex Trafficking

Garden of Truth: The Prostitution and Trafficking of Native Women in Minnesota

By Melissa Farley, Nicole Matthews, Sarah Deer, Guadalupe Lopez, Christine Stark, Eileen Hudon

Research by Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition and Prostitution Research & Education

October 27, 2011
William Mitchell College of Law, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Cover art by Catherine Whipple, Managing Editor, The Circle: News from a Native American Perspective


Creating a Human Trafficking Strategic Plan to Protect and Heal Native Children and Youth

Human trafficking is a crime in which people profit from the exploitation of others. Victims of human trafficking include children involved in the sex trade, adults over the age of 18 who are forced, coerced or deceived into commercial sex acts, and children and adults compelled into different forms of labor.

How Pimps Select Their Victims

2 of 4 Survivor Centered Webinar Series on Sex Trafficking of Native Women


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